It is great that we have won the Oscar of retail. Winning this Oscar as a Turkish company, a company that is only twelve years old, is a great honour for us.
Author, Position, Teknosa
I think awards like this are fantastic for recognising retailers from around the world and bring together a group of people that have common interests and sharing a desire to further the retail industry so I think it really recognizes those that push the innovations and push the boundaries. 
Dr Sean Sands, Senior Research Fellow, Monash University
The World Retail Awards means a lot to us because it’s a big proof for us that we are going in the right direction and we are super happy about that.
Peder Stubert, Co-Founder, Virtusize
I think that the World Retail Awards are really prestigious awards because you are competing with the best from all over the world so I think it is something like an affirmation that the work that we did for our customers in terms of communicating with our customers was really important and something that has been recognized across the world, 
Vishal Bansal, Supply Chain Development Director, Tesco
It is a very very prestigious award for us to win. The team have worked exceptionally hard, I’ve seen the work in stores, whether it be instore and across the omnichannel presentation that we have so we are very very pleased with this award.
Mike Moss, Programme Manager, Supply Chain, Tesco/F&F
I have been opening stores all over the world for Vuitton, altogether 66 countries and really this award, this World Retail Award, means a lot for me because it is really a recognition of the idea of covering the planet with our stores. 
Yves Carcelle, Chairman (1989-2012), LVMH
Winning a World Retail Award and specifically this award for customer loyalty means a lot to us. We love our customer, we revere our customer, so to be recognized for the work that we’ve done in this incredible global forum is amazing.
Mindy Grossman, CEO, HSNi
It is just great, it is an honour for us to get this prize.
Cornelia Diethelm, Director Sustainability & Issue Management, Migros
It is absolutely thrilling, I mean these are the pinnacle of the Retail Awards across the world and for us to have won one with Shinsegae is absolutely fantastic and on behalf of all the design team and with the Shinsegae inhouse team, we are thrilled.
Austin McGinley, Head of Marketing, JHP Design/Shinsegae
I am very happy and honoured, I mean it is very interesting to be nominated as a pure play retailer, especially by a group of retailers. We feel we are not a retailer, we feel we are a brand and we feel that we are partnering with retailers.
Hervé Parizot, Chief Operating Officer, vente-privee.com
It is a big recognition for us because I started this company 25 years ago when I was 17 with just $500 so to be here today, to attend this event and to be honoured, it is really very important for us 
Alexandre Costa, Founder, Cacau Show
It was very important for us to win the World Retail Award because it is the recognition of the work that has been done by the team one year ago and also it is recognition for the opportunity that exists in Africa to develop retail in a new way and to develop ecommerce that can literally help Africans gain access to the organised retail system.
Jeremy Hodara, CEO, Jumia
It is very, very special to win it together. These two companies have been associated for over sixty years and share a very deep bond so we are absolutely thrilled.
Simon Susman and Marc Bolland, CEO, Woolworths SA and CEO, Marks & Spencer Plc, Woolworths SA and Marks & Spencer Plc
It’s a fantastic award. It’s great to be recognised by the industry and by our peers.
Jon Kamaluddin, International Director, ASOS
It is thrilling, exciting and incredible. This is quite a big step for China to step out into the international domain.
Fangsuo Commune, PR, Fangsuo Commune
It is important to be recognised, the company has worked hard in multiple markets across the world and we appreciate the acknowledgement and recognition. It was great to be a winner tonight.
Costco, PR, Costco
Well I think that occasions like this just give people an opportunity to celebrate their achievements so it’s terrific for the teams who delivered all the results and I think it’s good for the profile of retail and recognising that it’s a really professional and creative industry.
Author, Position, John Lewis
It feels great and in particular the people who work in our business are hugely proud of what they do and I must say I am hugely proud of them. So on their behalf I am hugely proud to accept the award it’s really down to them.
Charlie Mayfield, Chairman, John Lewis
For me it is very, very exciting because we worked hard to develop a new campaign. It is a very exciting product for our customers. (This award) is very important because in C&A Brazil we invest a lot into innovation and when we receive this kind of award it represents how our efforts are very important.
Author, Position, C&A
“I think it is not only important for the industry but it is important for us to make sure that we carry the torch forward and therefore never hesitate to take certain risks in sustainability. You have to be leading and be a mental leader in the field and to do that together with Simon (Simon Susman, CEO, Woolworth SA) is a big inspiration. He has built a company that is inspirationally strong in South Africa under difficult circumstances so we are very proud to share this with them.”
Mark Bolland, CEO, Marks & Spencer Plc

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